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"So obviously he was a nutter."


6) Deception Exposed

The Ancient 2000 and 2001

1) A suspicious comment to my blog informed me that ‘The Ancient,’ with a publication date of 2000, is on sale at Amazon and Alibris.

2) Internet searches confirm the above is correct. ‘The Ancient’ dated 2000 is also on sale on other internet sites [see 5) The Ancient 2000 does not exist for the links].

3) Searches/enquiries to all the regulatory organisations show that no such book dated 2000 exists, the date is a fabrication.

4) Attempts to purchase a copy of ‘The Ancient’ dated 2000 from booksellers advertising it for sale have all failed, they do not have such a book.

5) Attempts to determine from sellers the origin of the adverts receive no reply.

6) HarperCollins did not reply to either of my two letters informing them of the fabrication of the dates of one of their published books.

7) An elaborate deception has taken place to fabricate the published date of ‘The Ancient.’
Sellers throughout the world have been deceived into advertising a book which does not exist.

[Any help in tracing the origins of this deception would be appreciated.]

Here is the letter that was sent to both Ms Gray’s solicitors and HarperCollins, I did not receive a reply.


From:  Geoff Widders
To:      Muriel Gray      [and her legal representatives]
cc:       HarperCollins   [Victoria Barnsley CEO, and other executives]
Date:   8 June 2010


As you will be aware from my website I investigated the sale of ‘The Ancient’ dated 2000 and determined that it did not exist. I sent the following email to HarperCollins on 1 June 2010;-

Dear Ms Barnsley
Ms Gray’s book ‘The Ancient’ dated 2000 is on sale around the world – it does not exist.
I wrote to you on 19 May 2010 and was informed that my email had been passed to your legal department.
I wrote regarding, “Ms Gray’s book ‘The Ancient’ dated 2000 is on sale around the world – it does not exist” – I explained that I had carried out enquiries that proved that was the case.
I asked for explanations, I did not receive a reply, and so I published the matter on my website ‘hewasanutter.com.’
My enquiries have pointed to the fact that ‘The Ancient’ 2000 is a fabrication, please can I ask;-
1  Do you have any evidence of the date of 2000, apart from the information that I have presented to you?
2 Am I correct in assuming that the date of 2000 is a fabrication of which you had no previous knowledge?
3  Has your legal department attempted to find out from where the date of 2000 originated? - and, if so, please could you inform me of their findings.
Again, as per my letter of 19 May 2010, I would appreciate an explanation, if I don’t hear from you I will publish this on my website.

HarperCollins chose not to comment.

I have now formed the opinion that ‘The Ancient’ dated 2000 was advertised for sale on the internet in an attempt to deceive. I do not know by whom – I do not have the resources to obtain that information – I had hoped that HarperCollins would have been able to provide answers.

Here are the front covers of ‘The Ancient’ dated 2001 and 2000;-

A false cover has been fabricated to give the impression that ‘The Ancient’ 2000 exists - it does not exist. In order to obtain the 2000 cover, someone has;-

a)         Removed the accolade from the cover of the 2001 version.

b)         Reduced the size of the 2001 image.

An elaborate deception has taken place to fabricate the published date of ‘The Ancient’ as 2000, a false cover has been fabricated as part of that deception. Sellers throughout the world have been deceived into advertising a book which does not exist. The situation now is this – I have brought this matter to HarperCollins attention and have not received any reply. I have therefore placed my opinion into writing, that;-


I have given my reasons and have presented them to both HarperCollins and Ms Gray (and her legal team). In common with my other letters I would ask that if you have any objections to anything I have stated that you inform me of such; if I have misconstrued, if I have maligned anybody, etc. etc. please inform me. Failing that I will publish this letter on my website in one week.

Yours sincerely

G Widders

















My undertaking

If there is anything that I have stated on this site that is not correct; if Muriel Gray, Harper Collins, Browne Jacobson, or any person(s) mentioned in these pages, contacts me and provides the evidence or counter argument to show that I am not correct, or...

if there is anything that I have stated that anybody believes misrepresents them in any way, if they provide me with their arguments...

then, if necessary, I will consider removing the material, and/or publish a correction, and/or apologise.

If I do not hear anything (nobody has complained to me since I set up this site in March 2010) then I can only assume the accuracy of everything on this site, and that nobody has been misrepresented in any way.

G Widders